Brittany Balinski

Happy Officer

I chose to leave my Shopify website and take a leap of faith by moving my business over to WordPress. It felt like such a massive task but Fadi gave me the reassurance I needed. Fadi has single-handedly built me a multifaceted, professional website that offers my users much more control than ever before. I am already reaping the benefits of having a fully customisable platform where almost anything is possible. For Fadi, no request is too small and no feat is an issue. I’ve found working with Fadi great. The best part is when you work closely with an individual you still can apply a great deal of input and maintain total control; this was something that put me off working with an agency or larger design team. Fadi has excellent communication skills and he is also extremely flexible to work around me: we found Zoom to be the best method to tackle the site together and Fadi has a way of putting you at ease in any situation. This meant that we developed a really comfortable and efficient working relationship very quickly. I now have a very powerful website with Fadi on hand who is always happy to help me learn new systems, plug ins and implement new ideas. My business goals are now much more achievable: the website enables users to choose from multiple subscriptions and manage their account and rewards easily. I have a built in customer support system and mail shot plug in, which enable me to much more efficiently communicate with my customers. I also have much more control over the design and overall look of my site than I ever did before.